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Coastal Sports Partnership

Coastal Sports Partnership

  • As the leading provider of sport on the East Coast, the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust, through the Skegness Academy, has created a bespoke package which has been offered to all primary schools in the area.

Our offer has been created after consultation with a number of key agencies within the sports sector including the Youth Sport Trust. It has been designed to meet a plethora of both fundamental and developmental areas.

We have also taken into consideration the fact that schools are to be held accountable for how they spend the funding, with OfSTED strengthening its coverage of sport and PE within the Inspectors' Handbook and supporting guidance, resulting in a more stringent and robust assessment of a school's PE provision.

Subsequently, some of the areas built into our offer include:

  • Ongoing continuous professional development (CPD) for staff, considering the OfSTED framework and meeting its requirements, development of the PE curriculum and national agendas.
  • The provision of high quality PE teaching and specialist coaching linked to both the school and extended curriculum.
  • An array of sporting competitions, festivals and events across all year groups, leading into level 3 competitions.
  • Partnership development and networking days / full membership to the Youth Sport Trust / Kite Mark accreditation.
  • The chance to truly create real sporting opportunities for all pupils in the Coastal Sports Partnership.

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Coastal Sports Partnership