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Health and Social Care

BTEC First Award level 2 in Health and Social Care

Unit 1 Human Lifespan Development (Year 11)

In the autumn/winter term students will explore how people grow and develop throughout their lives and the factors that influence this. The areas of development covered include physical, intellectual, emotional and social. You will also see how life choices, the people we have relationships with and events affect how we grow and develop. The assessment for this unit is through an examination.

Unit 1 Human Lifespan Development (Year 10) information to follow

Unit 2 Health and Social Care Values

In the spring/summer term we consider the values that underpin good health and social care practice. These include maintaining confidentiality, treating individuals with dignity and respect, and safeguarding individuals to ensure physical and emotional safety whilst they are in a care setting. Assessment is through assignments.

Unit 3 Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

In the second year we consider the importance of communication in health and social care in order to develop positive relationships and share information with people using services. This unit looks at verbal and non-verbal communication and how they can be used effectively. You will also consider the barriers to communication and how these can be overcome. Assessment is through assignments

Unit 6 The Impact of Nutrition On health and Wellbeing

In the final unit we learn about the how our health is affected by the food we eat. This is an important aspect of health and social care as we need to understand the impact of diet on clients using services. We consider how dietary needs change over our lifespan. We explore the dietary needs of individuals from different cultures and religious beliefs as well as other factors that influence what we eat. Assessment is through assignments.

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