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Skegness Academy

Support Staff


Mrs J Abbott PA to Principal/Office Manager
Mrs S Drew Business Manager
Miss S Storr Regional Finance Manager
Miss T  Peltell Finance Officer
Miss K Wendelken Finance Officer
Mrs Z Coxell Receptionist
Miss T Lawler Receptionist
Mrs S Harris Receptionist
Miss R Punyer Clerical Assistant - SEN
Mrs J Owen Clerical Assistant - Reprographics
Mrs V Poole Examinations Officer
Mr I Hussain Data Manager (Academic)
Mrs R Ranson CMIS/Data Manager
Mrs T Wilson Clerical Assistant (Safeguarding & Inclusion)
Mr A Hickinbottom Education Welfare Officer (East Coast)
Mrs J Limb Education Welfare Officer
Mrs J Gray Director of Achievement
Miss E Draper Director of Careers
Mrs W Hirons Child Protection Officer
Mrs C Pilkington-Smith Family Key Worker Cross Phase (3-19)
Mr J Fieldman Senior Science Technician
Mr J Shaw Science Technician
Mr G Price Science Technician
Mr S Stroud Construction Technician
Miss N Thomson Food Technology Technician
Mr M Pilkington-Smith Site Manager
Mr M Constable Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr R Wolstenholme Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr D Gill Assistant Site Supervisor
Mrs D Overton Site Assistant
Mrs T Smart Site Assistant
Mrs D Cole Deputy Head of Year 7
Mrs R Kent Deputy Head of Year 8
Mrs K Laws Deputy Head of Year 9
Miss M Meeds Deputy Head of Year 10
Mrs J Tyler Deputy Head of Year 11
Mrs J Lyons Deputy Head of Year 12
Mrs J Hunt Deputy Head of Year 13
Mr F De Diego Blas Cover Supervisor
Mr S Walker Cover Supervisor
Mrs L McGarry Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Stroud Learning Mentor
Mrs L Taylor Learning Mentor
Mrs K Cussons Learning Mentor
Mrs A Powley Learning Mentor (Student Support)
Miss M Pazola Learning Mentor
Mr B Hall Learning Mentor
Miss L Tyler Learning Mentor
Mr R Bonsor Learning Mentor (Sixth Form)
Miss V Creasey Learning Mentor
Mrs H Martin Learning Mentor
Mrs T Gerrard Learning Meotor
Mrs N Fawcett Learning Mentor
Mrs J Grandison Learning Mentor
Mrs S Wale Learning Mentor
Mrs M Parvin Learning Mentor (Numeracy)
Mrs A Midgley Learning Mentor (Science)
Mrs L Newton Learning Assistant
Mrs C Dovey Learning Assistant
Mrs L Allen Learning Assistant
Miss E Bown Learning Assistant
Miss S Parkins Learning Assistant
Mrs S Howard Learning Assistant
Mrs A Walton Learning Assistant
Mrs R Barker Learning Assistant
Mrs N Newberry Learning Assistant
Mrs J Adams Learning Assistant
Mrs L McGarry Learning Assistant
Mrs S Bradley Learning Assistant
Mrs M Lowis Learning Assistant
Mrs B Griffiths Learning Assistant
Miss C Leary Learning Assistant
Miss L Siree Learning Assistant
Miss D Downes Learning Assistant
Miss S Wale Learning Assistant
Miss P Wilkinson Personal Care Assistant
Mrs A Aston Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S White Senior MDSA
Mrs D Overton MDSA
Mrs P Wright MDSA
Miss S Staples MDSA
Mrs S Parkes Catering Manager
Mr S Savage Assistant Cook
Mrs S Codd Kitchen Assistant
Mrs E Ellis Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Staples Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Harrison Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Cran Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Redford Kitchen Assistant
Miss J Sykes Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Morgan Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Wallis Supervisor Cleaner
Mrs S Wragg Cleaner
Mr L Bellion Cleaner
Mr T Dabbs Cleaner
Mr K Sutton Cleaner
Mrs V Walton Cleaner
Mrs D Spry Cleaner
Mr D Mills Cleaner

Mrs E Kenney


Miss H Reeson


Mrs M Paskeyeva


Mrs S Bell

Mr P Tate Cleaner


Mr M Parkins Sports Centre
Mrs A Stephenson Sports Centre
Mr C Forrest Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Vann Examination Invigilator
Mrs S Orgill Examination Invigilator
Mrs P Wright Examination Invigilator
Mr A Nicholls Examination Invigilator
Mrs I Hawkins Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Ellis Examination Invigilator
Mr P Golob Examination Invigilator
Mrs J Woolley Examination Invigilator
Mrs D Rigsby Examination Invigilator