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Skegness Academy

Computer Science

The Skegness Academy delivers an exciting curriculum. The new curriculum will be a blend of Computer Science and Information Technology. A broad and balanced computing education will equip all our students with computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

Students will be taught how to programme new systems, such as games and webpages. Programming will lead to students to think in a logical manner to problem solve.

Students will be able to use Information Technology to create programmes, systems and a range of content. Information Communication Technology will also support students in expressing themselves and developing their own ideas. Skills learned in the classroom can be applied in the real world, to produce digitally aware, tech savvy citizens and also in the workplace.

In years 7, 8 and 9 pupils have one discreet ICT lesson per week. The subject overview is as follows:

Year 7

  • E-safety
  • Core skills unit
  • Web design
  • Scratch
  • Web Development

Year 8

  • Scratch
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Web design

Year 9

  • Scratch
  • Animations
  • Introduction to computer systems.
  • Movie maker


KS4 students will be able to choose a new Computer Science Course.  This course consists of three sections:-

Section 1 - programming.  Students will experience a range of programming languages, including Scratch, C++, Java and HTML.

Section 2 - is based on developing problem solving skills to build real life solutions.

Section 3 - is computing theory.


There are a number of level 3 courses that are available. Extended certificate in computing and OCT Certificate in ICT.


A brand new course that consists of four units.  Two Units are coursework and two are externally assessed.  Students have the opportunity within the coursework to develop security and networking skills.  Added to this there is further option to work on game design, animations or app design.  Students will gain a further understanding of programming.


A brand new course.  Students will gain an understanding of the practical uses of ICT, whilst also gaining an understanding of the theoretical concepts.  100% examined.