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Skegness Academy

Enterprise and Marketing

Mr T Pagliano - Teacher

Miss A Smith - Teacher

OCR L1/L2 Cambridge National Certificate Enterprise and Marketing

Enterprise and Marketing encompasses all those concepts that underpin getting a product to market and making it a success.  Combining essential knowledge with the skills a successful entrepreneur needs, OCR Cambridge National L1/L2 Enterprise and Marketing helps foster an entrepreneurial spirit amongst learners, whilst enabling them to see the role that business plays in everything around them.

In Years 10 and 11 we offer the OCR L1/L2 Cambridge National Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing.  The OCR Cambridge National is a nationally recognised vocational qualification that is assessed through a mixture of examination and coursework.  An applied course, it does not just deliver the theory, but requires students to apply their thinking to the concepts, developing their skills in areas such as creativity, organisation, teamwork and both written and visual presentation.

The course covers the following components, assessed through a combination of exam and two coursework elements.  Students are graded U, Level 1 Pass, Merit or Distinction or Level 2 Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.

Units and assessment

RO64:  Enterprise and marketing concepts (examined unit)

Comprising 50% of the overall grade, this unit is assessed through an exam made up of short-answer questions, calculations and a case study.  This unit gives students an overview of the main concepts that underpin a ‘start-up’ business.  Key concepts include:

  • · Market segmentation
  • · Market research and research methods
  • · Business costs, revenue and break-even
  • · Product development strategies
  • · Pricing strategies
  • · Advertising methods
  • · Business ownership formats
  • · Sources of finance for start-ups
  • · The business plan
  • · Functional areas

The exam is 1hr 30 mins, and comprises multiple choice and short-answer questions, giving students a great foundation in understanding how businesses work, and the key concepts that any budding entrepreneur will need to understand if they are to be a success.

RO65: Design a business proposal (coursework)

An exciting unit that involves designing a product proposal to meet the needs of a given group of customers, and then conduct research to gain an understanding of how successful their idea is likely to be in the market!  As budding entrepreneurs, students will then have to adopt a suitable pricing strategy and produce financial calculations to determine whether their idea is likely to be viable.  This unit contributes 25% of the overall grade.

RO66:  Market and pitch a business proposal (coursework)

Having developed and researched a product idea, this unit is all about creating brand identity and promotional plan for it.  Students will learn what brands are and how they are used, creating one for their product.  Having moulded a brand image, students must then discuss the different promotional methods, and put together a promotional plan that will get the message across to the intended target market.  Finally—in true ‘Dragon’s Den’ style—students have to pitch their product as part of a presentation, and then review all elements of their product, promotion and pitch and make recommendations for improvement. This unit contributes 25% of the overall grade.


Learners gain a nationally recognised vocational qualification which will enable them to progress to Level 3 courses across a wide range of subjects with confidence, equipped with essential knowledge and transferrable skills.