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Skegness Academy

Food and Nutrition

At Skegness Academy, the Food and Nutrition team are passionate about embracing learning around Food and Nutrition.

Food and Nutrition runs on a carousel of rotation across key stage three with students exploring the fundamental skills and knowledge to be become competent in the kitchen. Our key stage three offering is built upon the National Curriculum but also encompasses more ambitious concepts such as Food Science. During the course of key stage three, students will engage in a range of practical and theoretical learning around Food, Nutrition and Cooking, ending year 9 having learnt about a range of dishes from different origins.

At key stage four we offer AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. This is a popular subject choice for students due to the wide range of options it can offer students for future career pathways. Students will study more complex recipes, learning to cook using a wide-range of ingredients and techniques, presenting food in exciting ways and understanding how these skills would be transferred to a commercial kitchen. Students will also learn in-depth about Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyles and Food Science, helping them understand more, the ingredients they use and how to maximise their potential.

Our Food and Nutrition department also offer enrichment to Sixth Form students as part of their weekly timetable, where they learn valuable home cooking skills.