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Skegness Academy

Our Governance

Please follow this link to access information about how Greenwood Academies Trust is governed, including:

  • our memorandum of association
  • our articles of association
  • the names of our trustees and members.

Information about local governance can be read here.

The Academy Advisory Council (AAC) is a small group that has staff, parental and community representation. It is not, however, the same as a traditional governing body as it has no legal responsibilities. These responsibilities are held by the GAT Trust Board.

The AAC has three key roles:

  • To advise and act as a critical friend to the Principal of the Academy and to advise the Board of Directors of the Greenwood Academies Trust about local issues they need to consider that affect the Academy.
  • To represent the interests of the Academy community in the running of the Academy and to represent the Academy in its community.
  • To provide support to the Principal of the Academy in undertaking appropriate day to day procedures that are essential to the life of the Academy, such as disciplinary and complaints procedures.

The Chair of our Academy Advisory Council is Mr C Baron and he can be contacted via the academy office.

The other members of our Academy Advisory Council are:


Claudio Gissendorf

Community Member:

Rebecca Graves

Community Member:

Chris Baron (Chair)

Community Member:

Lee Johnston

Parent Member:

Steve Crump

Parent Member:

Tammy Prescott

Staff Member:

Lara Oldfield

Staff Member:

Sam Dyers


Gemma Marshall