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Skegness Academy

Mission Statement

‘Putting Every Student on the Path to a Happy, Successful, and Fulfilling Life’

Every student will:

  • Achieve a strong set of GCSE outcomes enabling them to progress to a post-16 course of their choice
  • Gain a place at a good university or a high-quality apprenticeship route at the age of 18
  • Find employment in an industrial sector of their choice
  • Successfully function as a citizen in our global 21st century
  • Have a good general knowledge of a variety of topics so that they are confident to partake in various social interactions
  • Aspire to achieve all of their dreams
  • Make a positive contribution to society


At the Skegness Academy, we set high standards in all areas of school life. We work hard and try our best in each lesson, each day, and each term to be the very best version of ourselves. 


At the Skegness Academy, we speak and behave towards ourselves and other members of our community in a kind, pleasant, and polite manner. We value and appreciate other people’s ideas and points of view and respect each other’s differences. We also treat our school’s equipment and environment with care.

Personal Responsibility

We take responsibility for attending school regularly, on time, in the correct uniform, and with the correct equipment, as well as completing all work to the highest possible standards. We make good decisions about what we say and do and are accountable for our choices.


We notice and appreciate other people’s actions, the opportunities we are offered, and the world in which we live. At the Skegness Academy, we say thank you and celebrate the small things that lead to big changes.