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Skegness Academy


Here at the Skegness Academy the Music Department aims to help our pupils achieve and exceed their potential. We aim to achieve this by creating positive learning environments in which practical, creative and flexible teaching methods are a feature of all Music lessons.

The Key Stage 3 Music Curriculum aims to offer all our pupils the opportunity to learn stave and rhythmic notation, experience a wide variety of stylistic features from Renaissance through to Modern Music and explore music from around the world. Pupils will be encouraged to participate in a range of activities from listening and composing through to performing both as a solo and as part of an ensemble.

Through these activities, pupils will develop self-confidence, which will support all other aspects of their core curriculum subjects. Extra-curricular activities include voice group and guitar club, which aim to increase pupil’s motivation and enjoyment of school music, engage all pupils in music participation, help pupils to become more confident with music making and raise self-esteem.