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Skegness Academy

Pupil Premium

Here at the Skegness Academy we are committed to ensuring every student experiences a diverse range of learning opportunities, despite their social background. To continue to support our most disadvantaged pupils, the Pupil Premium plan has focused on ensuring all disadvantaged pupils are supported through meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs whilst at the Skegness Academy. To achieve this, we encourage pupils to expand their horizons, develop skills, improve their performance, raise their aspirations and maximise their achievement. This supports the Skegness Academy to close the attainment gap between our Pupil Premium pupils and their peers.

What is the Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011. The pupil premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the Government to improve the attainment of disadvantaged children. This is based on research showing that children from low-income families perform less well at school than their peers. Often, children who are entitled to pupil premium face challenges such as poor language and communication skills, lack of confidence and issues with attendance and punctuality. The pupil premium is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible, helping to narrow the gap between them and their classmates regardless of their background or financial situation.

Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils who:

• receive free school meals (FSM)

• have received free school meals at any time in the last 6 years (FSM Ever 6)

• have a parent serving in the armed forces

• are looked-after child (LAC)

At the Skegness Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all children make the best possible progress and have the same opportunities available to them as their peers. We constantly strive towards raising the attainment of all pupils. Through excellent teaching and learning, high expectations and aspirations.

Enabling your child to benefit from pupil premium

So that your child’s school can claim the Pupil Premium, you will need to register for Free School Meals. Registering does not mean your child has to take up free school meals if they don’t want to. They can still take a packed lunch.

Please click here for Free School Meals 

Our aim:

In improving outcomes for disadvantaged students, the following five areas are our focus

  • Improving attendance
  • Improving aspirations and expectation
  • Improving literacy across all year groups
  • Reducing behavioural issues across all year groups
  • Improving parental engagement

Here is a link to the SKA 'Be Inspired' evening being held on 3 July 2024: